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Maike New Energy is affiliated to Jiangxi Hengli Group, was founded in 1998.The Group is headquartered in the hometown of Chinese talents - Fuzhou, Jiangxi, is a multinational group company specializing in battery development, production, sales, and 4 production bases and 2 companies. Subprinted Company: Jiangxi Hengli Battery Technology Co., Ltd., Hengli Battery (Vietnam) Technology Co., Ltd., Zhongshan Hengdi Plastic Products Co., Ltd., Huizhou Hengli Energy Technology Co., Ltd., Hengli Battery (Hong Kong) Co., Ltd., Maike New Energy (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd. The Group's annual production capacity reached 6 million kVAH, with an output value of more than 3 billion yuan, and the group was ranked in front of the industry in technology, production, talent, funds.

The Group's operating products are: fixed valve sealing lead-acid battery, small valve controlled sealed lead-acid battery, electric power vehicle sealed lead-acid battery, colloidal battery, car, motorcycle lead-acid battery, lithium ion battery, etc. Widely used in communication, telecommunications, uninterruptible power supply (UPS), emergency lighting, automotive ship, electric vehicle, financial system, solar system, alarm system, cleaning car, sightseeing car, patrol police car, cruise, lift, low speed three rounds, The four-wheeled car and automobile start, the start and stop, etc.

In 2015, the Group is completed in Vietnam's investment plant and Fuzhou modern factory, marking the Group to enter the new era and usher in the period of rapid development. In order to achieve the group "product leading, efficiency driver, global operation\\ , Management efficiency drivers, and achieve steady growth of Hengli International Group's management.

  • Environmental protection and portability of lithium battery

    5GPhenomenal market effects are launched one after another,Lithium iron phosphate once again stands in the spotlight.For long-term enterprises rooted in lithium iron phosphate battery,Opportunity Narrow door And it turns on.3Since the month,Benefit from frequent output at the policy level,5Gnetwork Data center and other new infrastructure progress began to speed up.The near future,China Mobile and China Tower issue bidding list for lithium iron phosphate battery,near4GWhThe demand of lithium iron phosphate battery released to the market.According to the plan,Including mobile Unicom telecom Four major operators, including radio and television, are expected to2020Year end,Will be opened cumulatively60Ten thousand seats5Gbase station(Including new construction and reconstruction).Considering that major operators need to complete in advance5GBase station construction objectives,Except for China Mobile,China Unicom China Telecom is expected to4Open in mid month5GBase station battery bidding.Lithium Research Institute of high industry(GGII)Analysis considers,2020Great development will be made at home in5GAnd infrastructure projects,Under the action of bidirectional drive,5GThe base station will be2020The inevitable trend of vigorously promoting in.Conservative prediction,2020Newly built and renovated in5GBase station demand will reach10GWh.This is undoubtedly a big market segment temptation for lithium iron phosphate battery enterprises.High tech lithium understands,China Mobile The bidding period of China's tower is expected to be5-6week,Recently, many lithium iron phosphate battery enterprises are preparing the scheme data to enter the bidding process.In fact,Before that, a number of lithium battery enterprises have taken root in the field of base station battery,Including Topbond shares Nandu power supply Shuang Deng group Xiong Tao power supply Such as Jia Bei Si.And along with5GBase station wind,Power battery enterprises with deep layout in the field of lithium iron phosphate battery,It is bound to further participate in the competition in this market.The near future,Issued by Ningde Era200Billion fixed increase and investment plan,among175Billion investment related to energy storage,Giants expand production capacity and technological advantages,Achieve cost reduction.Once entered5GBase station domain,Part of Relational households Battery enterprises cause damage of dimension reduction.meanwhile,Including GuoXuan high tech Billion cubic meter lithium energy Angel Technology Peng Hui energy Ruipu energy and other enterprises with great development potential in the field of lithium iron phosphate battery,They have already made efforts in the energy storage or base station market to varying degrees.It can be predicted that,along with5GBase station construction enters bonus period,These enterprises are expected to become5GStrong competitors in base station battery market.
  • Environmental protection and portability of lithium battery

    according to the understanding of,Lead batteries are mainly used in electric vehicles and electric bicycles,If lead-acid battery enterprises are banned and shut down,How to deal with the electric vehicles in the market For this purpose,Reporter visited the electric vehicle sales Street on West Ring Road of our city. Lead acid battery supply is tight,Doubled in the past year Electric vehicles are light Environmental protection is favored by consumers.An electric vehicle sales Street on Huancheng West Road, Huizhou,There are all kinds of electric cars in the shops.Since the second half of last year,People on electric bikes find out,The price of lead-acid batteries for electric cars has started to rise.Lead acid batteries of different brands rose40~50%,Original200~300Yuan's batteries now400~600element.The price rise of lead-acid battery has put a lot of economic pressure on consumers,With6Said Miss Gao, who was riding an electric car in,Although there are a few lead-acid accumulators after the Spring Festival this year40~50Price reduction of yuan,But the price is still high compared with the previous years. Mr. Wei, general agent of Emma electric vehicle in Huizhou, recalled,There were two reasons for the rise of lead-acid battery at that time,One is7~10The month is the peak season of electric vehicles, At this time, the battery demand increases Another reason is the Ministry of environmental protection's sweeping overhaul of the lead-acid battery industry,A large number of lead-acid battery enterprises have been shut down,Lead acid battery supply in the market is tight,Directly lead to the price rise. Shut down substandard lead-acid battery enterprises and promote market specialization Information on closing down and banning lead-acid battery enterprises by environmental protection department,Mr. Wei, general agent of Emma electric vehicle in Huizhou, said it was a happy event for the electric vehicle industry.He said,The lead-acid battery enterprises shut down and banned are all illegal small manufacturers,Their lead-acid batteries are not up to standard,If it flows to the market, there are many hidden dangers.Stopping and banning is not only a bad thing,Instead, the lead-acid battery market has been purified,Provide consumers with more powerful security assurance. Mr. Cheng, head of McCourt Electric Vehicle Co., Ltd., also said,Closed down and banned lead-acid battery enterprises will indirectly promote the shuffle of electric vehicle industry.Small electric vehicle dealers without strength gradually withdraw from the market due to lack of batteries,Big brand enterprises left behind,Will better provide consumers with more professional services. Lithium battery is expensive but light and environmentally friendly In recent years,As the government continues to advocate energy conservation and emission reduction,Energy vehicles have become a hot topic for major manufacturers,China's E-bike industry is also experiencing continuous technological innovation and transformation.according to the understanding of,at present,Many e-bike manufacturers began to transform,Production of lithium battery electric bicycle.According to Mr. Cheng, head of McCourt Electric Vehicle Co., Ltd,His store has an appointment20%Li battery electric bicycle.Mr. Wei, general agent of Emma electric vehicle Huizhou, also said that Emma also has a small number of lithium battery electric bicycles. The reporter learned in the interview,Lithium battery is environmentally friendly and light,The weight of lead-acid battery for an electric bicycle25Kg.,The lithium battery only weighs4Kg..Its life is slightly longer than that of lead-acid battery,If it is only used for commuting or taking children to school,May use2More year. The current sales volume of lithium battery electric bicycle is not good,All the stores in our city add up to only sell in one month100Multiple stations. Mr. Cheng said,Due to the high price of lithium battery electric bicycle,Battery replacement is more expensive,Therefore, consumption should be considered when choosing.According to introduction,At present, the common lithium battery electric bicycles in the market are3000Yuan Yi Tai,And replacing a lithium battery requires1500Yuan or so.The price of lithium battery is the real reason why many consumers are deterred. The reporter learned from the electric vehicle Street,Some environmentalists,Or citizens without electric vehicle storage,Satisfied with Li electric bicycle.A middle-aged woman with a child said I've been robbed of two electric cars,I bought a light lithium battery electric bicycle this time,Move back to the third floor as soon as you get home,No more opportunities for thieves.
  • The battery can't be returned by mistake!Excessive after-sales service is actually self harm

    recently,The third media of battery continuously reported the news that the battery false return rate of major manufacturers increased,The increase of the false return rate will bring serious consequences From the perspective of enterprises,Battery fallback for enterprise economy Serious brand impact,From the perspective of battery manufacturer,Battery fallback extended their working hours,Increased their work intensity.   Battery industry has been in the mire of price war,According to the current market,No matter the manufacturer or the merchant,Battery profits are all on the verge of loss.But in such a period,After sales data discovery of Jingqiu battery,A new high after-sales return rate.   If there is any purchase, there will be a return,This is quite normal.However, most businesses do not have enough control over terminal return supervision,Implementation standard is not in place,Cause a lot of battery fallback.What's more, in order to offset sales,Not hesitate to use malicious low price to buy batteries.  Even will1-8Batteries obtained from improper channels between months of renewal,Such as theft The batteries obtained from the reverse delivery shall be returned directly,Lead to the reduction of profits of battery manufacturers again,Increase the production difficulties of manufacturers   about9-15Batteries within months,Some dealers do not test,Direct return to manufacturer,This kind of operation adds a huge extra cost to the factory.   Facing battery fallback,What can we do to reduce the fallback rate   One Make it clear to the person who asked to change the battery in advance,If it is tested by instrument and field road test,If the battery is OK,There will be a charge,How many customers will understand after explanation,This will also prevent malicious customers.  Two Inform the battery of normal after-sales conditions and relevant conditions, and make preventive injection in advance In fact, the customer has some understanding of how to use the electric vehicle,But not necessarily meticulous,So before we resell the battery, we must explain the usage skills and possible problems one by one,If it is convenient, it can be printed out in written form and sent to customers,Take preventive injection in advance.This will prevent unnecessary troubles,It can also improve the customer's liking.   Manufacturer has return standard,Customer service principle,We should understand each other,Instead of turning a blind eye to battery fallback,The customer can't say hello just because you change the battery for free.Please remember,Good after-sales service,Does not mean free battery replacement,Business is hard.,Meager profit,Excessive after-sales service is actually self harm.

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