• MKSeries battery

    Functional carbon and graphene materials are used Both advantages of lead-acid battery and super capacitor High energy density, High power Fast charging, Longer cycle life.For: uninterruptible power supply, emergency power supply system, emergency power supply and automatic control system. Railway signal lamp
  • MK High Rate series battery

    MK High Rate Series is a high power valve-regulated sealed lead-acid battery. The most suitable for high-rate discharge requirements of the UPS, EPS and other emergency backup power equipment and uninterruptible power supply equipment.batteries, all are rechargeable,highly efficient, leak proof and maintenance free.
  • OPzV Series battery

    Voltage class: 12V/2VCapacity range: 60Ah~3000AhNano gas-phase silica solid-state electrolyte;Tubular positive plate of high-pressure die-casting, denser grid and more corrosion-resistant;The internalization technology of one-time gel filling makes the product consistency better;Wide application range of ambient temperature, stable high and low temperature performance;Excellent performance of deep discharge cycle, and an ultra long design life.
  • OPzS series battery

    Voltage class: 2VCapacity range: 250Ah~3000AhFlooded electrolyte designHigh charge acceptance performanceApplication: solar & wind energy, UPS, traction forklifts, traction electric vehicles, control systems, telecom systems, electric power systems, etc. 
  • Motorcycle Battery Series

    Battery Characteristics: Sealed structure, maintenance free. Floating life: 5 years (at 25℃) Self-discharge rate ≤3%/month Operating temperature range: -30℃—55℃ Application: Motorcycle.
  • EVF traction battery

    Voltage class: 6V/8V/12VCapacity range: 10Ah~400AhDesigned for light electric vehicle use Patent EV deep cycle formula of active material High performance AGM separator Excellent cycle life and recovery performance in deep cycle useApplication: electric motorcycles, electric bikes, golf cars, wheelchairs, electric tractors, etc.