Sales position: Foreign Trade Business Manager


1. Lead the team to carry out overseas customer development, project operation, etc., in order to achieve the department's performance goals;

2. Maintain the relationship with overseas customers and establish a stable customer system;

3. Build a team and talent gradient according to the company's development strategy;

4. Collect market information and submit market analysis report.

Job requirements:

1. Under 35 years old, bachelor degree or above, CET-6 or above, excellent foreign language listening, speaking, reading and writing ability, and barrier free communication;

2. Five years of relevant management experience, sales experience in lead-acid battery, lithium battery, power supply and other related products;

3. Be aggressive, have a strong sense of purpose, and be good at communication.

Contact information:

Phone: 86-0755-86546690,Communicate to HR Department

Email: hr@energycn.com