Sales position: Lithium battery technical support

Job requirements:

1. Responsible for market demand analysis, decomposition and docking of lithium battery products, and providing product solutions;

2. Improve the customer selection manual, and complete the preparation of technical proposal and pattern drawing consulted by the salesperson with high efficiency and quality;

3. Control the quality of products before shipment, improve the user's manual, be responsible for the pre-sales and after-sales technical support of lithium battery products, technical condensation points and troubleshooting;

Job requirements:

1. Bachelor degree or above, majored in power, electronics, automatic control, structure and electrochemistry;

2. More than two years of working experience in lithium battery PACK;

3. Good copywriting ability, language expression ability, communication and coordination ability and team spirit;

4. Be familiar with battery management system BMS, structure and electronic circuit knowledge;

5. Strong English reading and writing ability is preferred;

6. Have good professional quality, strict self-discipline, broad vision, strong sense of career and responsibility.

Contact information:

Phone: 86-0755-86546690,Communicate to HR Department

Email: hr@energycn.com