The battery can't be returned by mistake!Excessive after-sales service is actually self harm
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recently,The third media of battery continuously reported the news that the battery false return rate of major manufacturers increased,The increase of the false return rate will bring serious consequences From the perspective of enterprises,Battery fallback for enterprise economy Serious brand impact,From the perspective of battery manufacturer,Battery fallback extended their working hours,Increased their work intensity.



Battery industry has been in the mire of price war,According to the current market,No matter the manufacturer or the merchant,Battery profits are all on the verge of loss.But in such a period,After sales data discovery of Jingqiu battery,A new high after-sales return rate.



If there is any purchase, there will be a return,This is quite normal.However, most businesses do not have enough control over terminal return supervision,Implementation standard is not in place,Cause a lot of battery fallback.What's more, in order to offset sales,Not hesitate to use malicious low price to buy batteries.
Even will1-8Batteries obtained from improper channels between months of renewal,Such as theft The batteries obtained from the reverse delivery shall be returned directly,Lead to the reduction of profits of battery manufacturers again,Increase the production difficulties of manufacturers
about9-15Batteries within months,Some dealers do not test,Direct return to manufacturer,This kind of operation adds a huge extra cost to the factory.



Facing battery fallback,What can we do to reduce the fallback rate
One Make it clear to the person who asked to change the battery in advance,If it is tested by instrument and field road test,If the battery is OK,There will be a charge,How many customers will understand after explanation,This will also prevent malicious customers.
Two Inform the battery of normal after-sales conditions and relevant conditions, and make preventive injection in advance In fact, the customer has some understanding of how to use the electric vehicle,But not necessarily meticulous,So before we resell the battery, we must explain the usage skills and possible problems one by one,If it is convenient, it can be printed out in written form and sent to customers,Take preventive injection in advance.This will prevent unnecessary troubles,It can also improve the customer's liking.
Manufacturer has return standard,Customer service principle,We should understand each other,Instead of turning a blind eye to battery fallback,The customer can't say hello just because you change the battery for free.Please remember,Good after-sales service,Does not mean free battery replacement,Business is hard.,Meager profit,Excessive after-sales service is actually self harm.
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