Adhere to the development direction of green supply chain of lead-acid battery industry
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Thanks to the rapid growth of new energy vehicle power battery and energy storage battery market,Domestic lithium battery industry is growing rapidly,Attract many shares like golden crown The layout of hezong technology and other enterprises,Become a leading enterprise in subdivision field.Tianfeng Securities pointed out,At present, the lithium battery industry has entered the bottom area of historical valuation,Superimposed policy support,Industry fundamentals will also be restored,The time for plate configuration will come,Focus on industry leading targets.

yesterday,Lithium battery sector remains active,Many stocks bucked the trend and raised the limit.Minsheng Securities pointed out,Step by step confirmation of bottom signal,Lithium or repair opportunities.The price of lithium carbonate is close to the cost of concentrate,Limited space for price downward,Price bottom confirmed step by step The current oversupply of lithium carbonate has been reflected in the stock price,The impact of price on performance has also beenPRICE IN meanwhile,The valuation of lithium standard has a certain margin of safety.

In the long run,Lead acid battery in communication standby power supply Electric bicycle New energy storage The replacement speed of lithium-ion battery in low-speed electric vehicle and other fields is accelerated.In consumer electronics,Lithium ion batteries are also rapidly replacing NiMH batteries,The market scale of NiMH battery is gradually shrinking,The majority of NiMH battery enterprises have more lithium-ion battery revenue than NiMH battery.In the power battery market,The market demand of power lithium ion battery is huge,Industry concentration continues to increase,The market will further concentrate on the head Enterprises.

With the rapid growth of market scale of lithium battery industry,Attract many listed companies to layout related industries.Jinguan as an old electrical equipment supplier,stay2018Acquisition of lithium battery diaphragm enterprise Liaoyuan Hongtu in.according to the understanding of,Liaoyuan Hongtu is the mainstream supplier of high-end lithium battery separator in China,It is the leading enterprise of wet diaphragm in China,Technology internationally recognized,Has been issued20More than specifications,Widely used in3CConsumer battery Power battery and other products,And enter the most developed day of diaphragm technology through agents Korea and other countries.

Industry insiders said,In experience2018After annual capacity release cycle,The overall price of lithium battery diaphragm industry chain has moved down to a relatively reasonable position,High quality and low-cost production capacity is expected to be released in the future,Leading enterprises will be enough Quantity premium .

Public information display,2018End of the year,The capacity of lithium battery separator of Jinguan Co., Ltd. has reached1.1Billion flat,The annual production of lithium diaphragm reached9280Wan Ping,Ceramic diaphragm revenue1.08Billion yuan Lithium battery separator revenue1.42Billion yuan.at present,There are two production lines of Jinguan Co., Ltd. about to reach production capacity,2019It will reach2Billion flat production capacity,Annual shipments are expected to reach1.5Billion flat.Huachuang Securities believes,The company's diaphragm business was slightly under pressure due to industry pressure within the year,With the release of new capacity, it is expected that2019High growth in.

recently,Changes in shareholders' equity disclosed by Jinguan shares,The company will become a state-owned listed company.Bulletin display,Xu Haijiang, the controlling shareholder of the company, and gudu Asset Management Co., Ltd. signed Share transfer agreement ,It is agreed that Xu Haijiang will hold the listed company15.00%To Luoyang gudu Asset Management Co., Ltd.After the completion of equity transfer,Gudu asset management will become the controlling shareholder of the company,Holding listed companies24.60%Shares,The actual controller of the company will be changed to the people's Government of the old urban area of Luoyang City.People in the industry think,Henan Province has continued to support new energy industry,The main reason for the capital management of gudu to become the owner of Jinguan shares is to value its position and layout in the new energy industry,At the same time, it will also contribute to the implementation of new energy related industries in Henan Province,Get more policies Financial support,Further consolidate the company's market share in the new energy sector,And improve the company's sustainable profitability.

It is also a distribution equipment enterprise,Hezong technology presentation,Optimistic about the future of new energy vehicles and energy storage market,Lithium battery market as an entry point for the company to enter new energy,Has become the company's new strategy.Hezong Technology2017Acquired Hunan Yacheng in,The main business of the latter is the research and development of the precursor of lithium battery cathode materials Manufacturing and sales,Main products include cobalt tetroxide cobalt hydroxide Iron phosphate, etc..Public information display,2014year,Hunan Yacheng's products have passed Samsung successfullySDI SQESystem audit,Become a qualified supplier of Samsung,Obtained green pass for entering international market.2018New company in20000Ton iron phosphate production line,Through the introduction of advanced automatic control equipment,Improve the equipment level of Yacheng in Hunan Province,Expand competitive advantage.

yesterday,AAfter the opening of three major stock indexes,Gradually weakening,But the lithium battery sector remained active,Concept stocks rise and fall.Closing,Dow Technology Cold sharp cobalt industry Trading limit of multiple stocks such as Hezong Technology,Grammy Many stocks, such as dangsheng technology, soared.

Investment strategy for the sector,Zhongyuan securities,Short-termAThere are still some uncertainties in the stock market environment,But the high-quality stocks in the lithium battery sector have a certain margin of safety,Active attention can be paid when the system is stable and good.In the medium and long term,Sales of new energy vehicles in China will continue to grow rapidly,Investment opportunities still exist in the sector,However, the performance and trend of individual stocks will be significantly differentiated,Specific combination of policy guidance Price level and competition pattern of subdivisions,It is suggested to focus on the investment opportunities of key materials and lithium batteries in the upstream.

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